Friday November 20, 2015

Early Heron

Category: Independence — Ian C. @ 4:00 pm

It seems very early to me, but the Heron’s are back at their nest already (previously it was January); you can’t see the nest in this overview, but it’s in the far right tree …

Here’s a closer view:

Saturday November 7, 2015

25 years together!

Category: Uncategorized — Ian C. @ 3:50 pm

Today is the 25th anniversary of when Margaret and I decided to start dating! On that day back in Newcastle, England, in 1990, we were making cakes for our friends birthday celebrations the next day. So today, I’ve made another cake as a celebration that we’re still happy together …

And just to prove it, here’s some “making of” pictures, somewhat following this Mary Berry recipe:

Monday November 2, 2015

The Birds

Category: Independence — Ian C. @ 3:00 pm

I took these pictures a week ago, but better late than never … a group of wading birds got confused and spent a while on top of a tree instead of down in the water! And another use of my high zoom camera …