Tuesday May 12, 2015

Two Heron nests

Category: Independence — Ian C. @ 9:06 pm

For a long while now, both this year and last year, we’ve watched a family of Great Blue Herons – but it’s clear now that this year, there’s two separate nests in the one tree!

The original top nest has only one bird today; unclear if it’s a parent, or a grown up chick …

But below there’s a second nest, which today has a parent and two chicks – I wonder if the parent is one of last years young? As always, click the image for a bigger version which should allow you to see the young:

Monday May 4, 2015

A family of ducks

Category: Independence — Ian C. @ 12:22 pm

On the other side of a nearby lake, a whole pile of ducklings with one presumably proud mother watching over them …

(click for bigger view)

Saturday May 2, 2015

Small Alligators

Category: Florida — Ian C. @ 7:33 pm

We walked around the Celebration lakes this afternoon, but saw only small (less than three foot) Alligators. We did see some other creatures, too; pictures below …


This presumed young Cormorant knows about stretching wings in the sun, but doesn’t (yet) have any feathers!

Small Alligator, in the water:


Locust? There were loads of them in the grass!