Wednesday August 27, 2014

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Category: 2014,DisneyWorld — Ian C. @ 4:52 pm

We took another trip today to the fabulous Sanaa restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge (and met up with some friends down from New Jersey); of course we also spent time watching the animals outside the restaurant. Lots of pictures in the Gallery or scroll through highlights here:

Wednesday August 20, 2014

Heron sculptures

Category: 2014,Independence — Ian C. @ 4:11 pm

We’ve seen herons at our new home, and recently got a couple of attractive sculptures which sit behind the pool and look out to the world they can’t quite enjoy!

I liked this picture too, with a sunset backdrop:

Tuesday August 19, 2014

Electric shade

Category: 2014,Independence — Ian C. @ 6:33 pm

It’s quite lovely living here in our new home with our beautiful view and no chance of winter snow – but it’s true that the summer sunshine can be really quite strong! So today we had New Horizons install an electrically powered awning that we can extend and adjust the angle to give shade for the afternoon and evening when we’re outside on our patio:

It gives a good amount of shade – and it can be angled much lower than this, when the sun gets low in the evening sky …

A remote control and electric motor quietly extends and retracts it, making it very tidy when retracted: