Tuesday September 29, 2015

A tour of London from the Shard

Category: England — Ian C. @ 3:46 pm

As our England trip approaches it’s end, we’re staying in luxury at the Shangri-La hotel in The Shard in London; our 44th floor room gives amazing views of the city by day and night!

But today we left the hotel and toured London; first visiting Pudding Lane and climbing The Great Fire Of London monument for some different high views of the city!

After climbing more than 200 steps, we get a view!

Next stop, The Tower Of London! A popular tourist destination:

And then another different viewpoint, taking a “cruise” on the Thames river up to Westminster; seeing The Tower from the Thames:

More “cruise” views:

Returning to our start point, we get a great view of Tower Bridge!

Monday September 28, 2015

Thunderbirds, recreated

Category: England — Ian C. @ 4:32 pm

I recently supported a Kickstarter to recreate Thunderbirds episodes, and today had the chance to visit the crew at work (and even to get involved a little!) – we headed to the Slough Trading Estate to see them – but don’t tell anyone!

Given fabulous access, we watched them filming scenes for the first of three new episodes that will be created:

Looking at the monitor view, it’s already clear that these new episodes will be just like Thunderbirds that I remember!

Later in the day, I was given the privilege of triggering a pyrotechnic effect set up by Malcolm Smith of Supreme Fireworks:

I also had the chance to operate a puppet – it’s even possible that my “performance” might be in the first new episode!

Some more pictures, including puppet close-ups, in the Gallery.

Friday September 25, 2015

Hadrian’s Wall at Cawfields

Category: England — Ian C. @ 3:54 am

We chose yesterday to go for a walk beside Hadrian’s Wall and headed to Cawfields which offered a nice loop walk – with an impressive quarry site at the parking:

Hadrian’s Wall is just as impressive here as it is at the more famous locations (like Housesteads) and there’s clear ruins of a milecastle, too:

Unfortunately, but not unexpected, the weather changed to windy and rain headed towards us:

We got wet and cold, but we did also enjoy a nice rainbow!