Tuesday March 3, 2015

Two young Herons

Category: Independence — Ian C. @ 10:46 am

Another nest update, and there’s definitely two young Herons in the nest – though one is clearly much smaller so maybe we will again see only one fledge, like last year …

Sunday February 22, 2015

L’Experience at La Nouba

Category: DisneyWorld — Ian C. @ 9:36 am

Our first ever Cirque Du Soleil experience was seeing Mystere in Las Vegas back in 1998; since then we’ve seen many different shows, both traveling ones and many of those located in Las Vegas – but the one we’ve seen most is La Nouba right here at Walt Disney World. We first saw it in 1999, and we often take visitors that come to see us here – with last nights show, we’ve seen La Nouba 8 times now (and a total of 25 shows of all the Cirque Du Soleil offerings!)

Last night we signed up for the L’Experience package, offering a chance to go back stage and chat with some of the people that create the show. An expensive option, but the show is amazing always and last night made it even more so!

Our seats last night were dead center in the theater, right behind the sound booth – it made the show surprisingly different from where we normally seat, with much more encompassing music and a perfect central view of the performances on stage.

No pictures during the show of course, but after the performance we were led backstage and met one of the performers for a chat and photo opportunity:

I’d hoped to meet my favorite character Le Titan but we had no say in who was chosen. Anyway he was off that night, replaced by an understudy – I knew during the performance that it was not the normal performer. We did learn though that the normal performer has been with the show since it launched in 1998! There’s a photo wall of every performer both in and out of character, and the originals have a special logo:

We had a fascinating tour of the back stage, and conversation with the head rigger – and of course got to stand on the stage and see the view out to the seating:

A great night!

Thursday February 19, 2015

The much bigger Silk Floss tree

Category: 8002 — Ian C. @ 3:16 pm

We recently visited 8002, and were amazed how big the Silk Floss tree is now! Margaret grew seeds back in 2012, and a year later in 2013 it was a few feet tall. But now, it’s huge! More than 8ft tall, I think:

The trunk is amazing now, too!