Friday April 18, 2014

Pool work slowdown

Category: 2014,Independence — Ian C. @ 9:12 pm

There’s been little progress for the last two weeks on our pool, sadly. A day or two of bad weather, and a few broken plans from Atlas Pools, and all we have different this weekend is a pile of bricks:

Since the tiles two weeks ago, we have had the footings for the screen poured too, but that’s not particularly pretty or exciting!

Hopefully next week we will see the screen columns erected, and get closer to having some pavers laid down!

Tuesday April 15, 2014

A couple of wetlands videos

Category: 2014,Independence,Video — Ian C. @ 10:43 am

I created this recording last night of the frog, bird and insect sounds in the wetlands behind our home – tonight the frogs got much louder, don’t know what the trigger was but they were impressive (and presumably they’ll get louder still in the weeks ahead!):

I also took a video of the Great Blue Heron nest this past weekend, and happened to catch a parent feeding it’s young!

That young Heron is growing fast!

Saturday April 5, 2014

Baby Herons

Category: 2014,Independence — Ian C. @ 9:19 am

I noticed for the first time this morning, that the big Heron nest out in the middle of the wetland now has baby birds in it, as well as a parent! We’ve been wondering, as the parent bird mostly stands in the nest now – but today I got a sure glimpse of one, and perhaps two, babies …

I need a more powerful camera lens!

Friday April 4, 2014

Highlight tiles, and grouting

Category: 2014,Independence — Ian C. @ 4:47 pm

The pool tiling was finished today, including the fitting the “highlight” tiles, and the grouting!

Here is two of the four “highlight” tiles, which are installed either side of each waterfall:

Thursday April 3, 2014

Pool tiling

Category: 2014,Independence — Ian C. @ 4:19 pm

It’s been a week since our last pool update, but there was only one “dead” day – we had permits signed off on the plumbing & electrical conduit, and all the plumbing ditches were filled in.
But now today, there’s real work happening again with the installation of the tiles around the pool and hot tub. It’s more than one days work, but there’s progress already – including our first view of the waterfall design, which is even more impressive than imagined!

Here’s an overhead view at the end of today’s work, showing the curves of the waterfall feature:

Closer view of tiles around the hot tub:

And a very close view!

Here’s a view of the (same) tiles around the pool; I like the color contrast with the blue sky and green leaves: