Saturday July 4, 2015

Winter Garden Independence Day 2015

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Back “up north” we sometimes spent the Independence Day celebrations with a Red, White and Blue breakfast organized by the Manchester Rotary Club, and later a parade through Manchester, or Gloucester … I posted pictures long ago!
This year we joined Winter Garden for their breakfast organized by the Masonic Lodge, and then a very different parade – mainly of children on their decorated bicycles:

A troop of “twirlers”, also in the parade:

Live music, too!

The end of the parade, passing City Hall:

Sunday June 28, 2015

Over 5, Under 60!

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That title could apply to many things, but I’m referring to this:

Since I started my morning walks nearly a year ago, I’ve got faster but reached a limit around 12-1/2 minutes per mile, a bit less than five miles per hour.
But this week, after reading an article on The Verge, I tried a few Apps I’d not looked at for years, and then switched to using the FitBit App for walk tracking.

I’ve always assumed that the Fitbit and similar Apps demand use of one of their products, but at least for Fitbit that turns out to be false – it seems that all the features I want, are available just with my iPhone 6. And one feature I’ve not previously had is regular progress announcements during my walk.

So this morning, I set up Fitbit to give me my pace (time per mile) every 1/2 mile I walked. The first announcement called a pace of 11:27, but the second call, and the first mile, I’d dropped already to 11:37; clearly I was going to have to work hard to break my goal. But with the regular announcements encouraging me to keep pushing, I got there.
I confirmed the distance with Google Maps too – and it claimed a walking time of 1 3/4 hours!

I’m certainly not going to be doing sub 12 minute walking miles regularly – it was extremely hard to keep walking that fast for a full hour, and in the near 80 sunny weather even early morning, everything I wore (even shoes) were soaked by the time I got back home. But to do it even once is very pleasing :)

Friday June 19, 2015

Another Armadillo video

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I posted a short Armadillo video last year; here’s another one taken recently during my early morning walks. This Armadillo is surely a different one (located a couple miles away from last years location) …