Saturday April 23, 2016

Florida Cotton Rat

Category: Independence,Video — Ian C. @ 8:25 pm

At least, Cotton Rat is the best guess I can make for this animal. We saw these 4-5″ rodents long ago along the edge of a nearby lake, and never saw them again for more than a year – and suddenly they are back, so I took my high zoom camera to get some close-ups while I have the chance!

I recorded and edited some video, too:

April flowers

Category: Independence — Ian C. @ 7:20 pm

Our front and back gardens look quite good these days …

Sunday April 17, 2016

Bald Eagle close-ups

Category: Independence,Video — Ian C. @ 5:11 pm

Recently, Margaret and I saw a Bald Eagle on a roof of a home the other side of Independence – I only had my phone camera with me, so no close-ups. But this morning, there was the same? another? Bald Eagle on a roof of a home nearby, so I headed back home and got my high-zoom Sony camera. Happily, the bird was still there:

So here’s a pile of close-ups! As always, click any image for higher resolution …

And a couple of cropped pictures, for even more close-up!

I recorded some video too: