Sunday November 13, 2016

Strong memories!

Category: Video — Ian C. @ 3:47 pm

Ten years ago today, was my grandfather’s funeral (he’d died on October 30). Two years ago tomorrow, my Nan died. Both my grandparents were a HUGE part of my younger life, one of the stable points of my family.
When I visited England for my Nan’s funeral, it was to be the last time I’d visit their home – the only home I’d ever known them live in, a place I could always visit for love and friendship (even more so in the earlier years when my Uncle still lived there too).
So on my last visit, I took lots of photos – and now Apple Memories has helped me create this strongly emotional memory video. For my family perhaps it stirs a similar emotion of love now lost but still with us in memory …

The full quality video can be seen at this link.

Thursday November 10, 2016

2015, together

Category: Video — Ian C. @ 10:18 am

The new Apple Memories feature creates some wonderful memories from my 35,000+ photo collection on my iPad; today it created this “one year together” movie – it’s amazing to realize that some of these memories are only from last year!

Monday October 31, 2016

Lake Apopka North Shore Drive #3

Category: Florida,Video — Ian C. @ 10:44 am

Another visit to Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive (previous visits here and here). This time I got Apple Memories to put together a video of the photos I took:

If you prefer, here are some of the photos I took: