Wednesday October 12, 2016

Sunrise and Sunset

Category: Independence,Weather — Ian C. @ 6:36 pm

Most days here, we have good sunrise and sunset views – if it rains, it’s normally late afternoon. So here are today’s start and end of day views ..

Tuesday October 4, 2016

Babson Boulders Memories

Category: Gloucester,Video,Visitors — Ian C. @ 4:37 pm

Near to where we lived in Massachusetts is Dogtown; a trail there takes us past boulders carved with inspiring messages, created nearly 100 years ago. We walked there a few years ago and I posted pictures at the time.

Now the modern technology of Apple Photos Memories is creating nice auto videos from my photos, and today it created this one:

Thanks, Apple!

Saturday September 17, 2016

Cruz N Car Show September 2016

Category: Florida — Ian C. @ 6:13 pm

Winter Garden used to regularly hold a Cruz N Car Show, but they stopped doing it a year or more ago; now it’s back! City Of Winter Garden says they’ll do it quarterly now – that’s often enough I think (we didn’t go every month when it was on before, anyway).
Today rain threatened (and poured crazy heavy on the way there), but somehow went around the town center, leaving all the show cars dry – here’s some photos (and there’s more in the Gallery):

(the gray band painted round the car is skull designs – here’s a closeup)

This last one is a bit more modern!

(another view)