Tuesday September 1, 2015

Local lake tour

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Yesterday I went with our neighbors on a pontoon boat tour of local lakes; a pleasantly quiet hour spent admiring HUGE homes, and a bit of wildlife spotting – but mostly huge homes (the lakes are around Windermere, an extremely wealthy town.

I’ve no idea who most of these homes belong to (various famous sports personalities, internet tycoons, etc) but this one apparently belongs to Shaquille O’Neal:

Others sometimes are even more impressive …

This one seemed even more of a statement – a huge home, boat dock; oh and also a private plane!

Some wildlife too; happy again to have my 50* zoom camera:

And finally, this guy waiting for us when we returned:

Sunday August 16, 2015

Oh, Deer!

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We walked back to the car from Hampton Court and spotted something surprising in the adjacent field …

Turns out this is Bushy Park, we can wander there, and so can Deer! They’re not very frightened of people, either:

This one for example is only about six feet away from us!

Hampton Court

Category: England — Ian C. @ 3:32 pm

Not sure if this was “saving the best for last” but today’s visit to Hampton Court left us quite stunned by it’s huge size and by the opulence of the place – especially the wall and ceiling artworks! The exterior of the palace is impressive to begin with:

Inside, the early ceilings we found were impressive, too (and very high):

The rooms were more decorated as we progressed:

Then we gave up pretending that walls and ceilings were separate things!

We finally had to go outside for a break from the amazing views – but the gardens are amazing too!

Looking back at Hampton Court Palace, from the gardens: