Sunday August 28, 2016

Safari plans

Category: DisneyWorld,Vacation — Ian C. @ 4:41 pm

Living near to Walt Disney World we can visit Animal Kingdom and ride their Kilimanjaro Safari ride when we wish – but of course it’s not like a real Africa Safari. Margaret has always wanted to go to Africa and do a real safari, and we’ve now made plans to do exactly that, later this year!

Meanwhile, we headed to Animal Kingdom today to do “safari practice”, giving me a chance to check out my new camera on hard to photograph distant animals, while riding a bumpy vehicle! Here’s the results …

The lion was REALLY HARD to get (I was sitting on the wrong side of the vehicle, too):

We also met Mickey & Minnie, in our “matching” safari shirt and hat:

There’s a few more pictures in the Gallery, including a fabulous close-up of a Gorilla!

Saturday August 27, 2016

Local birds

Category: Independence — Ian C. @ 9:29 am

I took some photos this morning with my new Nikon Coolpix P900 “super zoom” camera, to test it’s capabilities; it offers an equivalent to a 2000mm lens (83x) and is very impressive:

Saturday August 6, 2016

Nehrling Gardens

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We visited a local “historic gardens” today; Nehrling Gardens created at the end of the 19th century by Henry Nehrling – he came to Florida from Wisconsin because he wanted a year round garden!

He apparently specialized in Caladium plants, and the garden trust is slowly re-establishing a variety of them but for now they are not as impressive as they must once have been:

He built a home on a small part of the 40 acre lot that he purchased; that lot has been divided many times since, but the home is still in the gardens:

Most impressive to me were the Bamboo plants; one cluster (“Golden Bamboo” – second and third picture) was huge!

Also impressive how fungus is taking over dead wood:

The Gardens are also less than a mile from a great BBQ place, Yellow Dog Eats, so of course we finished our visit with lunch there: